Today, IT (information technology) has become a major industry. Enterprises from various sectors are using it to increase their efficiency and productivity. IT firms offer an array of services in order to meet the diverse needs of enterprises. IT Managed Services vs IT service desk analyst: Know the Difference Articles offers IT Consulting, Managed Support Services, Software Development Services, etc. We will examine two services, IT Managed Services and IT Consulting Services to better understand the differences.

What exactly is IT Managed Services?

IT Managed Services is the proactive outsourcing to managed service providers of certain aspects of an organization’s IT support and infrastructure management. Managed Service Providers is the name of an Information Technology company with a domain expert team. This model allows the client to retain ownership of their IT infrastructure while only assuming liability for the provided managed services. The contract signed by the two parties defines all of the criteria.

Smaller and medium companies, as well as startups, can’t afford to employ a team. They are unable to remain up-to date with technology and the most recent security threats. Non-IT employees are sometimes forced to conduct research about managing IT infrastructure. This takes time away from their other duties and can be distracting.

Common examples:

Systems Management
Backup and Recovery of Data
Information Storage and Management
Management and monitoring of network security
Human Resource Management
Production, support and maintenance of software

What Is IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services are the services that companies seek from experts to get advice on how to best utilize information technology for their business objectives. Also known as technology consulting, IT advisory and advisory services are offered by experts to an organisation (the client). Three major categories of IT consultants are involved in this industry: independent consultants, IT companies and firms and staffing firms.